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Our Services


The Original Marketing group specializes in learning your business and where you want to take it. Together, we come up with the best strategy to meet your goals.

  • market research/market insight

  • brand identity

  • comprehensive marketing plan

  • charitable giving and community involvement

  • cooperative opportunities

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Corporate Communications




We specialize in developing a multi-faceted marketing plan. This plan envelops every area your business touches the outside world, from media to digital to charitable giving and sponsorships.

  • social media and email marketing

  • website design

  • logo and graphic design

  • audio and video production

  • event planning

  • Promotional campaigns

  • Marketing/Web Analytics




​This is a big part of what makes the Original Marketing Group completely different from any other marketing group. We take the strategy and plan developed and we go to work for you! We are the hands and feet of your plan and put it all into action.

  • work with media agencies
  • place web, social media and mobile marketing
  • content management
  • Public and media relations
  • Mobile marketing




​Our team is certified to optimize not only your online, mobile, and social marketing, but we also make sure every marketing dollar you spend is being used in the best way possible.

  • optimize media plans to reach your goals
  • positive online user experience
  • excellent customer experience



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